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Wow, it's been an exciting couple of months.

Back in May, I was prowling the Internet, looking at apartment when one stood up compared to the others. I was not quite looking at moving this summer but this apartment is in a rural area, with fields and lakes and rivers all around us. The skies unburdened by lights and we can see the stars and the Milky Way as clear as day.

It's a small apartment but it's such an improvement compared to the room I was living in at my parents!

It's truly heaven for my dog. He loves water and we've been at the marina every night so far. I'm trying to get him into a routine so he doesn't feel as stressed out during the day and I believe this is going to be our biggest obstacle. He's been doing good, but I want him to learn to relax as quickly as possible.

In the meanwhile, he discovered that he has ducks here! DUCKS! And he felt so, so important yesterday because he jumped (!) in the water to separate two ducks who were fighting. He was walking like a badass afterwards, all puffed up. This place is also going to be fantastic to my waistline. I'm getting into a habit of walking 1km in the morning and another in the evening, along with our 60 min walk/run on the fields. My fitbit tells me we've been walking at least 8,000 steps. I'll have to bump up my step goal soon!

Our goals here is that next spring, I'll have enough money to safely have ducks to practice herding with Ruten, along with the new puppy, who's supposed to arrive in December or so. It'll be an adventure, for sure!


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