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Oh boy.

2016 was a rough cookie. I didn't have it harder than anyone else. It was simply a grind year, where nothing came easy, where I had to fight every minute of the way. 

The Good:
  • ALMQ Communications came to life! 
  • Getting my first and second clients; overcoming my initial shyness and contacting potential clients. 
  • My grandmother paid for a full semester tuition fees. 
  • Got an A and an A- in classes I was convinced I would fail. 
  • Linguistics Research about the perception of queer people in the medias.
  • New Hampshire.
  • Ruten turned 2 yo.
  • Ruten's breeder accepted Matt's offer to potentially breed Ruten to one of Matt's bitches.
  • Fun herding match. 
  • Herding classes.
  • Sports Ratiers au Saguenay.
  • Getting a lovely job right before Christmas, to begin on Jan. 9th.
The bad:
  • Very slow recovery from my surgeries from 2015. 
  • Bout of unexplained ankle pains and knee pains. 
  • Ruten's busted pads. 
  • UQAC and that one teacher everybody wanted to hit. 
  • Administrative problems wit UQAC. 
  • The general atmosphere at home. 
  • Getting second AGAIN at a job competition. 
The ugly:
  • Didn't get my dream job.
  • Financial problems, as always. 
2016 wasn't so bad and the fun definitely outclassed the bad or the ugly, but the ugly was really, really ugly and uncertain for a little while. I didn't have any suicidal thoughts, I didn't want to finish things off, but I did consider moving away for a little while. I really wanted to get away from the family, from my friends. But then in November, I applied for my dream job, thinking that I had no chance to get it. It was too much, too big and too wild. But then I had a phone call, a phone interview. Then I had an in-person interview... and I got a call, about 5 days before Christmas and I didn't get the job, but finished a good second, 3 points behind the one who got it. 

I was mad. 

I'd dared to dream big and I got bitten quite violently.

Then school crapped out on me and the three classes I needed to graduate were cancelled because not enough people were taking them. So out of spite I took myself out of the next semester. No Masters for me next year.

And then, I got a call from a company and was given a phone interview and an in-person interview. 

Midway through the interview, the second person stood up and I was filled with dread, until he grabbed my hand, shook it and offered me the job on the spot. 

For 2017, I want: 
  • 2 herding competitions with Ruten
  • 1 car (!)
  • A contractual to permanent job.
  • Steady translation income. 
  • Weekly summer herding classes with Nancy/Francois
  • Another New Hampshire trip with the Boozes. 
  • My own apartment. 


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